I’m sure that each department within the bank for which I work, ups and downs occur just as frequently as they do within my department. But it does seem like when bad things happen to the Trust department, they tend to snowball. 2 officers have had parents who’ve had heart attacks. My dad underwent shoulder surgery (again) last week. The worst, though, is what’s happening to one woman’s daughter–She’s pregnant, but without going into too much horrible detail, the baby is suffocating due to fluid build-up in her lungs, and because of a genetic abnormality, is not likely to survive anyway. They’re inducing labor tomorrow, and my heart is just breaking for her. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mother now myself, or if because the death of an innocent just seems wrong. And it could be because her daughter & I were pregnant at the same time. Her son is exactly a month younger than the bambino, so we compared notes as we both ballooned up. I’m not overly religious, but I have to believe that there’s a reason for it–Why else would someone have to suffer so much pain?

When I sat down to write this blog entry, I was going to do my usual blathering on about my crappy day, and how I’m tired, and other silly nonsense, but it seems so shallow & trivial right now.