I broke down earlier in the week, and purchased my own domain…You can now visit me at: All of my WordPress stuff is there, and maybe one day, I’ll upload all my old Blog-City posts (but don’t count on it)!


I’m sure that each department within the bank for which I work, ups and downs occur just as frequently as they do within my department. But it does seem like when bad things happen to the Trust department, they tend to snowball. 2 officers have had parents who’ve had heart attacks. My dad underwent shoulder surgery (again) last week. The worst, though, is what’s happening to one woman’s daughter–She’s pregnant, but without going into too much horrible detail, the baby is suffocating due to fluid build-up in her lungs, and because of a genetic abnormality, is not likely to survive anyway. They’re inducing labor tomorrow, and my heart is just breaking for her. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mother now myself, or if because the death of an innocent just seems wrong. And it could be because her daughter & I were pregnant at the same time. Her son is exactly a month younger than the bambino, so we compared notes as we both ballooned up. I’m not overly religious, but I have to believe that there’s a reason for it–Why else would someone have to suffer so much pain?

When I sat down to write this blog entry, I was going to do my usual blathering on about my crappy day, and how I’m tired, and other silly nonsense, but it seems so shallow & trivial right now.

When I was home at Christmas, Kendra gave me a bottle of vitamin D that she had. Living in Ohio, she’s got a little better access to sunlight than I seem to here in SoDak, so while she’s got some issues with SAD, they aren’t nearly as severe as mine. I haven’t been taking the vitamin D as I much as I should’ve been, and I’ve been really crabby this past week. Part of it was the fact that at my last WW meeting, I had a gain of 1/2 lb. I’m still not happy about that one, and I’ve been spending the morning tweaking my breakfast & lunch menus to try to eat decently, but without starving myself.

The bambino has been having some trouble sleeping lately. His toddler bed has a space in between the two guardrails that he’s constantly falling out of–He’s rolled around like crazy when he sleeps ever since I was pregnant. But he’s also discovered that if he whines & cries when we put him to bed, sometimes Mama will sit by his bed & rub his back till he falls asleep. A not-too-wise-habit I’m working on breaking. Being a working mom, I sometimes feel guilty that I don’t get to spend enough time with him during the day, so I’m more inclined to snatch any extra moments with him while I can…In a few more years, I’ll become an idiot and an embarrassment to him, so I figure I’ll enjoy while I can the times that he’s still actually happy to see me!

My friend Jennifer had her baby girl yesterday. Allison & I might go and visit and see the baby (and Jen) later today, weather permitting. We’re supposed to get freezing rain and more snow between tonight & tomorrow. Joy.

I miss greenery. This is one reason I hate living in SoDak in the winter. From about October until May (give or take), everything’s covered in snow. And it doesn’t help that I have SAD, and don’t yet have the necessary means to spend winters in warmer, sunnier climates.

I should be putting the finishing touches on my face, and getting myself ready to head out for work…But I’m procrastinating. I don’t technically have to be in until 9, but I’ve got a massive pile of year-end statements to sort through that’s going to take 2, maybe even 3 hours, so I might as well get going sooner rather than later.

I also need to venture out to the grocery store sometime this weekend. I was going to wait and go early tomorrow morning, while everyone else is off at church, but I once again neglected to take anything out for dinner tonight, and we’re getting down to bare-bones in the pantry & freezer, so I might do it this afternoon. It depends on how motivated I am to get my list and coupons together today. It also depends on whether or not Jay has gamers coming over this afternoon.

My driveway

This week has been Hell. I’m really rather disappointed in Blog-City, my old blog host. I was hoping to move my old posts over here, but I REALLY don’t want to go to the trouble of cutting/pasting 5 years’ worth of entries. And since there appears to not be anyone answering emails and the support site is no more, I think I’m just going to let the old site die. I have it through August this year, so if I change my mind, I’ve still got some time to move everything over here. But we’ll see.

The cold snap that’s been hanging on is driving all of us nuts. Last week, the car wouldn’t start. Turns out, somehow, the gasket slipped off our oil filter, all the oil drained out, and the battery was close to being frozen. Thank gods Jay works with a guy who not only does radio, but also works for one of the car repair shops here in town, so he came and helped us out.

Things were fine (albeit frigid) until Wednesday, when we got something like 5 more inches of snow on top of the foot we already had. Fun. Then on Thursday, when the blizzard conditions kicked in full-force, our furnace died. Thankfully it wasn’t anything more than a blown fuse, but the temp that night was supposed to be something like 20 below zero. On top of that, I seem to have picked up some norovirus or something, because within an hour of coming home from work, I was basically chained to the bathroom. It was bad enough that I wound up on the floor of the bathroom, and ended up taking an ambulance to the ER. I stayed home from work yesterday, and laid on the couch most of the day. I feel about 1000 times better this morning, maybe due to the fact that I (finally) got a shower, and I can eat solid food again. I’m still taking it easy, though. I don’t want to upset my stomach too much, and go through any of that again.